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Dogs - a silly story

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I don't yet own a dog; but, a friend on who's property that I hunt had a German Shepherd who had run of the grounds. Though grown he was like a puppy. That doggie sure did like me. He was almost to the point of being a pest. Almost - I like dogs, so I guess that I contributed.
One day I was set up, decoys perfectly set out. @ about 9:30 the dog saw this; it thrilled him. He came out, found me, & started licking my face. Ok, that was nice. Pats on his head, praise, "good doggie." Problem was, he wouldn't leave. He started running through the decoys. My attempts to get rid of him he interpreted as play. So I figured that he would get bored & leave. Just as I began hoping, I saw him start to sniff one of my dekes; he smelled my scent on it. He really started sniffing. Ya, that's right - he sidled up to the deke, lifted his back leg :shock: & started to pee on my deke! This was something I've never seen before or since, or heard of happening. I guess that it didn't matter, as the flocks that flew over that day were huge, & showed little interest in my "p*ss poor" dekes!
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