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My 9 month old pup loves retrieving live ducks in the back yard. He won't pick up shot geese. He will retrieve goose wings. How can I transition him?

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I had a dead fowl duck and I think they liked the live ones more but its been a while. Thanks any other thoughts?
I need help on my dog picking up geese too. My dog also blinked on two live mallards the fist time i took him duck hunting but he did retrieve three completely dead ducks. need help on the blinking matter.

My dog will play fetch with a log. but won't pick up a goose yet.
Have you tried using a dead goose. I have a couple frozen goose wings from earlier this year and my buddies hooked me up with a couple more. I take the wing out and start training with a bumper. Then I transition into a frozen wing. I also have a frozen duck. We work with that every once in a while. My hunting partner has a couple of live ducks. We tie their wings back with a piece of a garbage bag. You can start by letting the duck loose in the yard and teasing the dog with it. Then pick up the duck and tease the dog with it, waving in front of their face. Then throw the duck out and let the dog chase it. Make sure the dog picks it up and brings it back. You don't want the dog playing with it or chewing on it. They call this making your dog "Birdy". Only toss the duck a couple of times. You don't want to over-retrieve your dog and you want the duck for further retrieves. A couple of tosses and the duck just lays there. See if that helps. I also recommend 10 minute retriever. It's a great book and very easy to follow along. Good luck.
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does he trirever dead ducks?

i agree with both goosehunter2118 and buddha8170... if you could also force fetch him using a larger boat fender if no frozen goose is avaible... and or attach a goose wing to the fender, size could be his issue?

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