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Dog Problem

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My lab has a tendancy to break when the shooting begins and ruins any chance at getting the flock to come back. We've tried shock collars and conditional trainingduring the summer. Neither have proven successful. Any help or tips will be appreciated.
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I know this might cost you some shots, but it will help in the long run. I would take the dog with you in the blind and tell him to stay and hold him with you hand while you hunting partners shoot. If he tries to break, tell him NO and hold him steady. Then, when everybody is done shooting, say your fetch command (I use my dog's name) and let him go. After that, keep him in your blind and him to stay and this time you shoot, make sure he is in reach just in case he still tries to break. If he does, tell him NO. I do this in my training, but you said it didn't work, so try this out in the field. Good luck. :D
My no-brother-good-in-law has a MBL that had the same problem. When in training and again in the field, we put him on a lead and kept it short, by stepping on it. When the shots went - he didn't. Would then tell him to stay, released him and had him retrieve on our command, not his. Worked for his dog, worth a try.
I too have a black Lab. He's fantastic. He's not trained yet, but he stays till I release him from a sitting position. I started this by holding him at the door before letting him out. I tell him to sit. Then Stay. then I look him in the eye and open the door. He will wait till I tell him to GO. After he's done doing his business and I'm letting him in, I give him a small treat for being a good dog. The pistol and retrieving tools will begin this spring. Shoould be a lot of fun!!!!
i'd go the off season training route with creating an exiting stituation similar to gunning... someone in his face yelling, firing blanks while throwing bumpers should get him excited.

during the season if your not a big fan of the e-collar, try a tied down stake with a VERY SHORT rope attached to a pinch collar with a quick release.
him pinching his own neck might cure the problem but at the least it will keep him under control !

my thoughts...

I am in favor with pitboss get a stake. I have done it
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