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Does anyone hunt snow goose in NEW YORK

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Does anyone have any tips on hunting for snow geese in new york or in other state near it. I have never hunted for snow geese but I would like to get one this year with my Dad.
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I'd love to chase the skycarp here in New York. Just got back from NE, had a great day out there, our group dropped 21, learned a little about calling, decoys. Got to transfer that info to this area ( finger lakes ) they are supposed to be here, plan to try next spring. Anyone else game?
I have been seeing a lot of snow geese on Canadagua and owasco lake. I wish they would extend the season so we actually could hunt them. They don't get up here until they seson has ended
We gotta hit them early in the North end of Cayuga Lake from what I am finding. I plan to scout that area soon. There might not be enough in this flyway to justify a conservation action as there is in the great midwest which would allow a more open season. Keep in touch, Spring Snows are a blast, tough to get into the blocks, but really worth it, ( ate one last night from Nebraska, tasty thing on the grill with a bit of bacon and steak sauce BTW )

Winger Doug
There are'nt that many snow geese up in new york but there are a lot of Canadiens at Cayuga. In the late season there was a lot of canadien geese up there and every hunt we limited out. I have to do some scouting over there for new spots. i was hunting on the King ferry co-op. did you ever hunt there
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