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Do you remember the American Arms 10 ga. o/u & s/s ?

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What ever happened to this gun/guns ? I have seen them before in older gun magazines and they look like they would be ideal utility waterfowl slayers !!!
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They are beasts. I don't even know what happened to America arms co.? You can find them used if you look hard though. I actually shot the side by side. Let me tell you about BITE. They are heavy but jesus that thing still kicked
I've got an NEF 10 ga.; you think it'd kick more than it ?
Depends on if you have one with that 36" barrel! HA HAHH! I think either way that NEF would bite more.
When I worked for Coast to coast back in the mid 90's the screwed up and clearanced the Am arms SXS waterfowl specials for 190$ each was a typo in the computer so I ordered 50 of them and sold them all in 2 months.....

Should of kept a couple of them for myself but that was a long time ago
young and stupid.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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