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Did I do good ?

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How's this for a steal of a deal? I just closed the deal on 2 doz G&H mag. canada goose dekes and 4 unknown[ haven't seen them yet], floaters for the outlandish price of............$100.00....did I mention the G&H are new in the box, never used?
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yea i would say thats a good deal
If you were to sell them to me for $125 THAT would be a heck of a deal. For the two of us :D
Are you sure they are not "hot" jab jab.... :lol:
I will beal NWSoDak and offer $150 for the whole lot. Dude that's 50% on your money. Where you gonna get that kind of return today? Good job. :lol:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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