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dekes around the blind

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Do you guys put decoys around your layout blind? If so what kind and how many.
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We always put dekes around the layout. Depending on what we bring, either a mix of fullbodies and shells, or silos and shells. It helps break up the layout IMO and gives them a bit more confidence coming in if they think others are around those funny shaped mounds.
Thanks, do you put your decoys tight to the blind or a little ways off? I just got my blind and have yet to use it so thanks again.
Yeah, I don't see a reason not to do it. I put the blinds on the edge of the landing hole, so the last few decoys are near us.
I put them about 2-3 feet from the blind, some right next to it (behind and in front), but only a few. I then spread it out to 5-6 feet. This being because I use a U formation most of the time and lay in the bottom of the U. This way it looks like family units.
Thanks guys, this will be my first year with a blind so your tips were alot of help.

do not put deks right tight to your blind. geese that come in low will could only see a half or a bit of a head behind a blid and flare keep them a little way's behind if you put them tight then do it in front of the blind
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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