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I am very new to goose hunting. What should be the ratio of feeders to lookers to active type decoys? How many decoys do you need to be effective? What do you do to change tactics in the early and late season?
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I would say the ratio should be 1 looker to 10 feeders. I have read that you don't have to use that many decoys in the late season because the geese are used to seeing huge spreads and tend to stay away, but I was out there yesterday and we had a lot of geese come over and circle once and then leave. We where using a dozen shells and a dozen silos. I was hidden very well, so I don't think the geese saw me. I am taking out every thing I have next week and I will tell you how I did.
I was thiking 1 looker:3 feeders or something like that. My dad told me a person wanted more lookers, but he don't know much about decoying geese.
Too many lookers and your spread looks too alert and redy to take off, I would only have a handful out with feeders and resters IMO...
I have close to maybe 20-25 alerts with another 60-70 feeders and resting fullbodies I run on average.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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