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What do you like better Hardcore decoys or Green Head Gear decoys?
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BigFoots...... Hardcores are a waste of money and GHG are just sh!t. i live 10 mins from a Cabela's and back in the bargain cave all u see is GHG boxes back there. My Friend, who works there, thought that he'd give GHG a try and got a doz of them and already has brought one box back 2 hunts after he got them, the other he is bringing back sometime this week. Therefore there will be 2 more boxes sitting back there in the Bargain Cave. Just trust me when i say get BigFoots if ur looking for fullbodies.

lata, 2d
If GHG could get the paint problem fixed, they would rule the market. Bigfoot and Hardcores are overpriced.....I'll stick with my G&H
The only reason the are so cheap is the .32 an hour they pay the chinese workers to amke them. I would rather pay more for an American product made in American factories. GHG is crap. My dad lost his job to overseas competition, and I hate to see other American workers lose their jobs cause some selfish people want cheap decoys.
i would have to say that GHG decoys are sh!t too. i have two dozen hardcores now, when i started out i had just 8. with those 8 my percentage went up like crazy. i have hunted with bigfoots for years and they are the second best to use other than hardcores. my friend bought a dozen GHG and they have been used 2 times and the paint is chipping. so i have to say hardcores are the best decoy on the market.
ok hmmm me got curious and was wondering about HCs i always here ppl say dont get them 400$ are u out of ur mine... but now that i think about it when i buy BFs at 300$+tax and add 35$ for a flocking kit im looking at about 360$ and most websites offer free shipping so im only saving 40 bucks. But my real Question is how durable are they? could i take them and punt them half way across the field like my BF and not hurt them? do they scratch or chip????

lata, 2d
the new style of HC is very durble just check out and take a look. i think they are a awsome decoy. i live only 15 minutes from their main shop and i have see the time they put into their decoys and for the price it is insane.
pullandpray said:
What do you like better Hardcore decoys or Green Head Gear decoys?
I like the coloration of HC decoys but I don't like the foot base. Couldn't they make a permanant foot like Drop Zone's? I think all decoys have strong and weak points, someone needs to take a hardcore, dropzone, GHG, and bigfoot and morph them together to make the perfect decoy. :)
Also check out whatever Flambeau make. I have four old convert - a - head full bodies from them that work like crazy on the geese. Made in Warren Ohio, plus a plant in Wisconsin(?); so, you'll definitely be buying American. G&H floaters are unbeatable - not sure that they make full bodies (correct me if I'm wrong, fellows). Just don't forget Flambeau.
yes G&H makes a full body. They look pretty good and the price isnt bad eather. I havent had the chance to test them out yet but i do use there shells and there pretty damn durrable.
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