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decoy trailers

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I just bought a 7x14 enclosed trailer. I am looking for ideas for the inside the trailer for the decoys and blinds. so i anyone had some pictures of their trailer for me to get some ideas that would help.
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hey how much did you pay for the trailer i am in the market for one for myself....... i hunt with a guy who has a large trailer and it is stock he just piles in the 10 doz bigfoots in it and he puts all his shells in the front...... when i have hunted with guides they have the same setup......
My wife just agreed to me buying a trailer for our jeeps for hauling decoys and blinds around in--just as long as it can also hold mulch and rocks and do other household duty in the off season!

Which I replied "Of course it can, honey!"...:D:D:D
A guys are bunch of girls, that is what your back is for. :lol: :shock:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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