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Decoy spread Question

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As far as creating a spread how far apart should the "families" be and how far apart within the "families"? I'm hunting a stubble corn field that just got cut down 2 days ago with about 60 decoys including mostly shells, 2 dozen silohouttes, and 4 full bodies.
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I like to seperate mine by 5 to 10 yds. Gives some of the singles and doubles a place to join up with the groups.
Do you guys hunt snows and if so do you think that there is any rhyme or reason to the way that they decoy. I have heard different ideas but when they land in a field they just seem to drop in.
Depends, I have had them circle and circle and cautiously come in. I have also had them drop straight in to white trash bags slapled to corn stalks. Yes they do drop in on a field when they have their buddieson the ground making lots of racket. They are the hardest birds by far to decoy, which is why alot of people don't hunt them. Best in the spring with the ecaller.
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