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Decoy Setup

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I had a major problem with my decoy setup this last season, everytime I would setup I would have pretty good luck with calling in large flocks of geese and having them land in the area that I wanted them to but when small flocks or singles would come in they would always come from behind and pass over the top of my layout blind and if that was all that i saw that day I normal wouldn't get any because shooting a goose flying over and away in front is pretty hard
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Were the small flocks and singles flying with the wind?

We didn't have that happen this year but I did notice more singles and doubles coming in silent. Not even calling back to the calls. They did commit and come in to the pocket but never uttered a sound.
they came from every which way never in front always from the left or right and from behind the only they didn't seem to care where the wind was coming from
Turn your blind around. :lol: For real, put all of your decoys out in front of you and try to face your blind to the decoys and where the birds come from at the same time. Good luck. :)
I think part of my problem is that I'm not really sure how geese land into the wind with the wind and what spread to use I normally use a V or C with my blind and the narrow end and with the wind behind me
Geese will always land into the wind. Even in a very light wind. It helps them slow down and land. Good luck. :)
thanks for the help hopefully I can remember your tips next season a little to late to use them now
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