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decoy question?

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Im starting up a spread and im trying to find the best way to do it. Im anal about the condition my gear is in anyway so im going to buy ghg fbs. I think im going to buy 2 packs of actives, and 3 packs of feeders. I have about 900 to spend, my question is should i spend the rest of the $250, $650 for the fbs, on shells, sillos, or more fbs?, or should i wait and see how the geese react to the 2 1/2 dozen fbs and decide from there? also, do the motion stakes help at all? i hunt mostly the late season from a laydown blind, but i want to start doing early season too. any info would be much appreciated. Thanx
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I would spend it on silos, shells or a combination of both. We have killed a lot of geese with just silos and shells, and hauling them is much easier if you can't go through a wet field in your truck. We use a minimum of 4-5 doz. silos and 1-2 doz shells in the late season along with our other decoys.
We do put motion stakes on some shells and they do work. If it is not windy, put the shells high and if it is, push them down a bit more so they don't move too much. In the late season, we also put some shells on the ground, though, as that is what you see with live geese. IMO since you will already have a nice spread of fullbodies increasing the number of dekes will certainly help.
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