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Decoy help, QUICK!!

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Hey guys, I just got some money and a big gift certificate to Gander Mountain. I'm going there tomorrow morning and probably to Bass Pro Shops.

I have 1 dozen standard shells with motion stakes. I also have some of the material to have make at least 2 dozen silo's with some help.

But I want to add some to my spread, should I get full bodies or more shells or windsocks?

I saw GHG over sized shells with flocked heads for $90 at Bass Pro.

Don't know what to do.

I was wondering if anyone could give me any advice. Any help is appreciated, after all, I am a newbie :D
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if i were you get the fullbodies and shells if you want motion get stakes and couple of wind socks is not a bad idea and ghg is good decoy
go for the most realiste decoy you can get
That's funny, I bought a dozen of the oversized shells for $80 last spring.. I'd go with the shells and motion stakes, after having almost 100 fullbodies in my spread alone, along with another 50-60 from my 2 hunting partners, there's no difference between the shells and the fullbodies that I can tell, even from the top of a silo I climbed during early season this year. IMO you can add a lot more to your spread for a lot less money with the shells. Remember,this is only my opinion, alot of folks may differ in opinion when related to different seasons, times of year, etc etc etc!!!
Dito on what #1Waterfowler said. I would go with more OS shells and some motion stakes. :)
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