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decoy colors

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Can anybody help me, Tring to match the brown on the back of a goose and not having any luck. What shade are you using to repaint the dekes?
I have 2 doz carry-lites that the paint is chipping off just rubbing by hand. I want to sand them and prime the plastic shells with bulldog paint adhesive. But I can't match the brown. Can anybody help?
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Cabela'a has a ton of decoy color paint.
Have you tried taking it into a place and having them make a paint right from that feather? I know the places around here will match a color if you just bring a sample in. Might be somethin to look into.

Capela's will cost to much. The decoys are super magnums. The feather idea is great, I'll have to find some feathers. There is a refuge 10 miles away and they let you drive down the roadway for bird watching. The geese are with their hatch and they are always around the road.
Thanks Guys
When I repaint I dont do the brown, Just black, grey and white. I increase the white also.
I guess it depends on how realistic you want the decoys to look....and how much time you want to invest. If the decoy has some feather contours molded in I would prime the decoy as you mentioned and then spray the back and sides with black. Leave the grey and white areas alone. The back will best be matched by a color from Wasco called Chocolate brown with the backs of the feathers in Sahara tan. Both colors will need to be applied with an airbrush. If you would like detailed instructions and pics of decoys I have done you can email me. Mark
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