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Decoy blinds

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We've been using decoy blinds the past two years. We've had some success, but most geese seem to hover above and fly off. Should we get rid of the blinds and get layouts or is it something in our spread?
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it might be your spread because from what i have hunted i use a decoy blind and if you are not positioned right then they will notice that your deeks are fake and fly away. another thing you could do is get one of those camo blankets to cover your legs. just trying to help. :mrgreen:
Layout blinds are great. I have the Power Hunter and it is awesome. It is the cheaper model, but i like it a whole lot more cause you can see out of it really well, the back even has holes so you can see whats behind you. They cover you up much more than decoy blinds and I think they blend in a whole lot more than having a couple huge geese in the spread. Just my .02
My suggestion to you is to get rid of the decoy chair blinds. Just think of it this way, how long have these "Goose Chairs" been around, not to mention the sound of calling out of these. Geese are very wise to then, just like they are getting wise to unrealistic decoys. Get yourself a Power Hunter or Finisher and you will be amazed at the difference these will make. You can pick up a Field Khaki Power Hunter for around $119. They are worth it. If you don't want to get rid of the goose chair, look at adding a lot more realistic decoys and position yourself in the upper section of your spread. You may also get away with it if you "dig in" and get that goose blind lower than the rest of your spread. Just my opinion.
My hunting buddies and I all used the Goose Chair when the September seasons started in NY. We have killed a lot of birds from them and have had them land right on top of you but they wise up fast to them. Get a layout blind and you'll see huge results. For the little extra money you can get a much better blind that will not flare them off as much.
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