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Well, hunting season is far away in these parts of the the world. But one can only dream and plan for seasons to come.
I have noticed that Cabela's is have a sale on the combined jubo decoy/chair. That device would certainly turn heads around here, but how useful is it? Anyone have any experience to share?
How do geese act with such a thing planted in the middle of your spread? How comfortable is it? How is it to shoot from that position?
Would like to read some advice before entering my credit card number and clicking "accept".
Really cool and useful forum by the way.

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I am not a fan of the super mag goose chairs. I would much rather hunt from a layout blind, and seems easier to decoy geese with a layout than a goose chair. My .02.
same here get yourself a good layout blind so that you could hide allmost any where
I'll agree with the other two. Unfortunately we don't have the funds for layouts. We use those goose chairs. The geese like to look and look and look and they know that something is wrong. Legs sticking out and no good place to hide the gun. They also look through the slots of the decoy. I think they look through and can see the contrast differance.

If you want, you could build your own. You may be able to find a place that sells super mag shells by singles. They cost about 20 to 25 a piece. I have some plans for the backs. PM me and I'll get them to you.
If you have to use those chairs, you can get a good 'ol burlap sack to cover your legs up. Cut small slots in it and you can add vegetation. This will help break up your outline, and give you a bit more leeway in moving. Never really worried about the gun, just left it on top of the sack.

Fisherhunter, I know what you mean about having the funds for one. I decided to bite the bullet and get one when I was freezing and looked over. My buddy in his layout was sleeping away-said it was way too warm and comfortable in there. Bought my Xlander the next day.
if I were you I would check out laydown blinds before I would buy a goose chair.... my .02
What we do is take the big goose off the top and just use the chairs. We use gillie blankets to cover up and the blacnkets have a place to cover your face where you can still see out but they cant see the glare off the faces. We have geese walk around us about 3 to 4 feet away every hunt using this technique.

I used one once. Your visibility is VERY VERY limited. The slots don't let your see much at all. If the elastic band is streatched to much, your going to have the darn thing smack you in the head at the wrong time. The geese (in my area)seem to know something is amiss with it. The chair part is ok but I ended up using a plastic sled lined with an old army sleeping mat and some camo material. I took a piece of flexable steel and mad a crestent shape with it. Sewed it into the camo and I've got a flip up blind (bada bing bada boom boom boom). for the back rest, I cut some 3/4 in plywood into a half H shape and used the other half as a prop for the backing. Works for me and it cost me 8 bucks for the sled, 12 for the camo material, 2.25 for the thin guage steel. some old paint and some mud. Works great for hauling deke's and dead birds in and out of the field and it keeps your but dry.
I somwhat agree with Fisher....but i've hunted with them a few years and they do work and their inexpensive....but on windy days...their a pain....when i sit up to whatever....i get clugg in the head...after a few times...$$#$^%$$$^^!!!!! if you don't have the money for a layout....try buying a mat....and some burlap....i hunted like this for years....and it works!!!! Honkers41 :beer:
Two years ago in ...the west Quill Lakes area. The top guides were using the goose chair with Camo pants and they were knocking down birds at close range for dark geese. For snows .. Outfitters just use the chair without the goose and white coveralls. ....I hunted with these fellows when I was young......They taught me movement and face glare was key! Also I saw the goose chair in action on TV a few years back and the sky was raining snows.

If I could afford the laydown...I would buy one.
but in Canada, the sporting goods stores won't carry them or mark them up around $400...Not much selection either. The Goose chair is around $175.

Actually, I built my own homemade lounge chair laydown blind this season for $60.. I also like ropeagoose's sled/bag camo/rest

Still many locals and northern outfitters use the low tech chicken wire willow tree cattail corn stalk blind which can accommodate 2 or more hunters. I can still remember when Ted Peck invited 7 locals for his Sportmans Cigarette Film Commercial and everybody rose up from a huge blind in unison and birds were falling out of the sky...afterwards he handed out cigs...but I was young then and we kids were used for retrieval...I was hooked on cigs and goose hunting that moment..
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