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Cover in Snow?

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We hunted in snow the other day and will be for most of the rest of the season. Two guys used sheets and the other used cover up suit, because that is what we had.

Do you guys think its better to use those white army snow cover up suits or just good old white bed sheets?

Just wanna know your opinions and what you guys use to cover up in the snow. Thanks.
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If you have a layout blind and can't afford a cover like me, white bedsheets are a pretty good idea. A white cover up suit works, but a layout is so much warmer. Another idea is if you have enough snow on the ground is to pour some water on your blind and kick snow on it. The water will make the snow stick and look natural. Now if you don't have one, I would suggest the suits. I have some white Tyvek painter suits that are available at most parts stores that sell auto paint. Cost on the cheap ones is about 10 bucks.
One thing you may want to try when hunting in snow, many years ago when hunting in MD. with 24" snowstorm on top of us, we would scatter a bail of straw in and around our decoys. We think it attracted the passing birds because the moving birds were looking for open ground to feed.

Ithaca MagTen
North Carolina
Yeah, I've done that here in WI a few times during snowstorms last year, really seemed to draw the flocks in...
The Tyvecs work great. If you know someone in a mill or industrial job, they probably can get you one or two. Thanks for the tip with the straw/hay. I'll try it on Thursday.
we go to odd-lots or walmart and buy the fake snow in spray cans for about $.25. when we get out in the field we spray the blinds and it looks great. then when season is over we spray them off with garden hose and it looks like new.
Wouldn't a couple 50 pound bags of corn attract more birds ??? :) :beer:
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