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Corn still standing in N. Illinois

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There are alot of corn fields that have yet to be harvested (including the one that I can hunt) in Northern IL.

I was wondering if this is true all over or not and if anyone has any hunting tips for this situation. To me it seems later than normal to have this much corn left in the middle of Nov. and with the reduced quotas this year I'm getting a little nervous that I will miss the season by the time they take the corn down.
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Heck, even here in NW Wisconsin there's still a ton of corn still standing... There's a lot of can's around, but they don't have very many places to go... We really need some harvesting to take place so we can get back out a whack em, too busy getting ready for snows!!! 8)
In Central WA, there are a few feilds still standing where I hunt. About 90 percent are cut and the geese prefer alfalfa over corn when i've set up in the green stuff. The geese around here are fickle and goofy sometimes.
#1 is right. NW Wisconsin still has a ton of corn still standing. The reason is that the moisture content in the corn is still at 30 percent. Too high for putting up. With the cold weather finally showing up this past week and the high pressure keeping the sun out, it is finally starting to dry out. I did notice a few more fields knocked down this weekend. And the geese knew it too, cause they were stacked up in them!
I was asking around today and alot of guys say the grain storage bins are full with no place to store the grain. I don't know if this is true but it makes sense. They better take it down soon or I'm out $25 in waterfowl stamps (again).
Well guys the harves season is about over, and since it's been so wet some farmers might turn it into the insurance and get what they can and mow the crops down. Bad thing with that is it's illegal to hunt fields that have simply been mowed down. Apparently our lovely Governor and his buddies think it's baiting. But you never know what's gonna happen but good luck.
The boys started the harvest over the weekend and looks like they will be finishing up this evening. If everything goes right I'll be out Sat. morning and let you know how I do. Anybody else doing any good?
Not many have been doing well, as of a week or two ago when the numbers came out the NIQZ averaged around 100 birds a day, and we were not even half way to the quota
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