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corn field set up

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i am knew to goose hunting, i was wondering if any one knows if geese will land in corn stubles or should i find a new spot to hunt?
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yes they will definatly land in a cornfield. as soon as the farmer picks the field the geese will feed on all the stubble left over. as soon as all the farmers start to pick their fields you can bet that the geese will be there just put your time in scouting and find out which field the birds are going to
good luck
Corn is a preferred food, especially when the weather is cold. Most farmers don't want you walking around on winter wheat trampling it down. One of our favorite spots is a big area where the farmer has strips of corn and wheat. We set up in the corn stubble, and they think its a smorgasbord. :D
I have just gained permission on a new peice of property with plenty of geese in the area. There is a good sized pond in the middle surrounded on two sides by winter wheat and on the other two by cow pasture. Would it be better to set up closer to the pond or further away? The Geese often use the pond, but i don't have floating decoys or a dog to retreive downed birds in the water. Although the geese use the pond I often see them across the road on another field. If they like that field better what are the chances of them coming to my spread? I know it is a lot of questions but the inpit would ne helpfull since i am knew to the sport and have not found any one around here to learn from. Thanks, and knock 'em dead.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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