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corn field landing

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i am a new goose hunter and i hunt a corn field, i was wondering if the geese would land in the corn stubles or should i find a new place to hunt?
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Phil, welcome to this wonderful disease, Geese will land wherever they want, stubble included. The best thing to do is have access to as many areas as possible, so when they are hitting one area concentrate there or move to where they are. You can never have too many places to hunt.
I have tons of success in corn fields.They give you a great oppertunity to get sufficiant cover.But I agree with the last post that you need to get more than one place to hunt.Good Luck
I like the cornfields best but I make sure that they are mowed down, geese don't like to land in high stubble-hurts their wings. I find when it's mowed you will increase your odds, specially if this is the only place that you have to hunt
I agree with everyone, corn is my favorite. And I agree with Jim that they'll tend to avoid the higher stubble.

Believe it or not, I've seen geese and ducks land in standing, yes, standing corn before so I guess anything is possible.
Corn fields are one of the easiest places to decoy canada geese. Esspesially if geese are using that particullar field. If the stubble is high and you dont have the option of getting it mowed low, just walk around and knock over the stalks where you plan on putting your decoys. Make sure you leave a landing zone in front of you. knock the stalks down in your landing zone too. Good luck
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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