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Confidence Decoys

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I have about 3-4 Snow Geese sillouettes that I am thinking about putting out with a Canada spread of about 50-100 including sillouettes, full bodys, movers, and shells. Do you think it will help? I have never seen Snows around here but this is my second year.
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I have reservations about using snows decoys when there are no snows around.... I have never done it, my hunch is it may spook them. I was taught to duplicate what you see.
I know of guys setting a family group of snows 100 yds upwind of the Honkers just to act as an attention getter-sim to flagging does.
I do use snows though when there are both feeding in the immediate area.
I wouldn't do it. We hunt Saskatchewan eery year and have a good mix of snow/canadas in the air. My personal observation is that they really don't care too much for each other. Rarely have I seen them mixed in the field and the few times that I have it was a handfull of lessors mixed in a snow flock. When we have both in the same area, coming into fields we set up our dekes as two totally seperate groups with the canadas on the downwind side. They tend to flare if they have to fly over snow dekes to get where they want to go. I'd like to hear if anyone else has noticed similar patterns.
Some people, like golf courses put out swan decoys to scare off Canada geese. Apparently the bigger swans chase off the smaller geese. The snow decoys may resemble the swans too much.
Maybe I can put them where I don't want Canada's to go? Like over by the other guys pit? Thanks for the input guys.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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