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Comp-N-Choke or Kicks High flyer

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Hey guys, I love to watch FATV (Final Approach TV)and know that they all use kicks high flyer choke tubes. But im torn because i have heard good things about a Comp-N-Choke too. So i was wondering if anyone has had experience with either one and which would they choose. Also if i get a Comp-N-Choke should i get it in modified or improved modified and if i get a Kicks should i get it in modified or full ( will the full be to much constriction and be ruined by steel shot)? Thanks boys i appreciate the help!!!

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One of my shotguns(that I have passed on down to my middle son) is outfitted with a Comp n Choke Improved Modified and has killed a trailer full of geese over the years. If you do make the switch to the Kicks choke tube will you be changing your name to Kicks-4lfe on your second ever post? :wink:
Thanks for the advice. I was thinking the same thing when i made this name but my dad has a compnchoke on his turkey gun and so dont i and i can put holes the size of a softball in a turkey target as well as on a turkey i find this cool because not to many chokes increase pattern density that much.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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