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Comments about Browning BPS Stalker

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Hi Folks,

If you remember I posted a message a while ago inquiring about a Browning BPS shotgun 3.5". I finally purchased the gun, and so far I am quite pleased. The gun is well balanced, and seems to swing good.

Before I left the gunsmith, I got him to give the gun a good oil job on any metal parts. He actually broke the gun down cleaned everything. Which should help to deter any rust.

I've given it a brief field test as well. I went out with a few friends after some sea birds (turrs) managed to bag 35 between the four of us.

I was pleasantly suprised with how smooth the pump action on this gun is. Its a lot better than the 870, and my old Maverick 88. I think my biggest fault with the gun is the bottom ejection/loading. (not to sound unsafe or anything), but in order to be sure that there isn't a shell left in the chamber you have to turn the gun over. Which can be annoying if you are doing much shooting/reloading/waiting.

Also I'm not entirely thrilled about the location of the pump release button. I never really noticed its awkward postion until I actually hunted with teh thing. It think its better located for a left handed shooter. Maybe I'll get used to it. Other than that I'm pleased with my purchase.

Now all i need are my new goose calls, lots of practice, and I should be ready for next fall!
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Glad to hear you are enjoying your new BPS. They are pretty darn tough and can take a beating. Most guys I know actually like the bottom eject. I think you are right about the mag release button, but with use, it really becomes second nature. And yes, most guys I know that shoot them are lefties, but it's a good gun for anyone.
I came real close to buying a BPS and probably would have if they had the camo pattern I wanted.

They seem pretty durable and being left-handed, it felt right to me.
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