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Colorado hunters???

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HEY whats up guys just seeing how many of u hunt in the state of colorado and seeing how well all of u have done this season and were u guys all hunt at iv done pretty good my self and i dont have a private spot to hunt yet but hopefuly soon
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I live in Denver and have only gone out for canadians 2 times on a patch of private land 5 miles east of Johnson's corner. It was pass shooting only as we didn't have a big enough spread. Sounds like you have been doing okay on public access...I need to try that next year. Do you hunt for Snows??
Hey Bullelk, Whatchya doing away from bowsite? Didn't know you lived that close or I would've invited you for a goose hunt. Bummer the seasons over. Maybe next year we can hookup for a hunt. I have some good spots north of here for geese.

Talk to you later

aka hamerhead
I did pretty well this year killed 20 myself and got to see a lot of geese dropp out of the sky, any of you lookin for a Teen that you would want to drag along with you next year? I'm quick at throwin deeks and have 6 doz. i could add to your spread also and I have some properties myself but i need a ride to um. I like in Aurora and if you guys could use a private spot if arround ft. collins and can gimme a ride I'll getcha some good goose hunting territory to use. Give me an E-Mail at [email protected]

I haven't been chasing goose yet - went west to walden for ducks and did ok.

CO fred - maybe we can make it out this year. I am going to pickup the rest of my deeks from MT in a week and I just bought some new silo's and some more duck floaters...I don't have a bunch - but they will fill up half of my shortbed.

I am always interested in taking youth out hunting - I will ship you over an email.

I hope to do more waterfowling this year - but most of it will be on the public SWA's.
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