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If any of you guys out there could use a teenage goose hunting partner give me a haller. I live near Denver CO and would love to come along and help you out getting wounded birds, setting up deeks, or whatever else you want. I also have a coupple dozen shells and full bodies(mostly bigfoots) if you are interested. I'll work hard and help you get some of the load off your back. Gimme a reply will ya??
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i live in greely and i am always hunting by myself i am 17 and let me know if you would like to go, casey
No but my dads got a small trailer that we use for deeks and anythin we cant fit in there we put in out jeep. How have you guys been doing so far this year? I limited out last week and the first weekend. Other then that we have just been getting one or 2 each time.
Come on guys I am dying for some goose hunting, I was skunked again today.
i can drive a long way for some quality goose hunting. Where are you thinking?
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