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$$$= chit

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Lots of hunters have gone the route of Italian guns...Bennelli,Stoeger,Berretta,etc, and claim that these guns are the best shotguns ever devised. O.K. I know the Stoeger's are cheap, but how do you justify spending $1200.00 on a bird gun when a Mossberg or a MP153 will do the job just as well,if not better. Is snobbery that much of a factor? I currently shoot a Browning A5, but the end is near for the old girl, I'm going a different gun next season. Why should I spend more than $600.00 on a goose pounder?? Give me your reasons.Try to justify big $$ on a shotgun and maybe convince the rest of us that "YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR"
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Couldn't tell ya, plainsman. I spent just under $500 for my BPS 10ga six yrs ago - wouldn't trade it in for the finest that Benelli make. Left me more money to spend on calls, dekes. I guess that some just enjoy using a finer shotgun. Maybe old fashioned. But if you're looking to replace the old A5, look into a BPS if you don't mind a pump. Good value.
I definately got what i paid for... and more, I love it. $400 for a max-4 mossberg 935! what a deal. this gun patterns as good as or better than any gun i've ever shot. so why pay 1200 bones? ya got me
Why pay $1200.00 bones?Well I guess the sight of them just makes birds drop need for shells :lol: :lol: :lol:
Well, I paid over $2000 for my two Extrema's, but I like em so that's why. I also got rid of my X2 to get one, call me dumb, but the rotating action keeps itself 10x's cleaner than any X2 ever could. Only thing that ever screwed me was I cleaned it completely broke down and I re-assembled it incorrectly, the firing pin wouldn't nail the primer, took me taking it apart and re-assembling it 5 times out in the boat before I finally figured out what the heck was going on. Wish I would've had the manual with!!! :oops:
I guess it all comes down to preference and how much you use your gun. Personally I love my SBE and would not think of shooting anything else. It is not snobyness but rather that this gun will do it all, from doves to geese. It functions in the worst conditions and is so simple to take apart and clean that you can do it in the pit between flights. I also use my SBE more than any other gun I own feel that it is a worthwile investment.
Why? Because they have more confidence in them. If you like what you've got - great. If not, go with what works for you.

I've got an 835 that has performed flawlessly since it came out of the box. My wife gave me a Beretta for my birthday two years ago, so I passed the 835 on to one of my sons and have used the onyx ever since. Is it a much better gun and do I kill more birds with it? No. Both guns have been outsanding and shoot up to the ability of the shooter. It basically breaks down to different strokes for different folks.

Most of those that are so against spending the extra bucks on a quality firearm won't bat an eye on giving advice on buying 10 dozen Biggfoot or Hardcore dekes at $30 or $40 a piece. Where you put your own money is your own business.
Why do people buy RNT duck calls when my $13.88 Double Nasty will kill just as many ducks?

Why buy a $125 goose call when I kill them with my $8.88 goose flute?
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