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Chamber choise

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Hello. First year hunter, first time in the chat. I need a different shot gun if I'm going to be serious about this whole goose hunting thing. I'm thinking a Benelli Nova Super Mag. Is the 3-1/2" chamber worth it? Will I ever be sorry I have the 3-1/2" as opposed to a 3" (I can't think of any reaon why, but likeI said, I'm new to all of this!) Any help is greatly appreciated!

ps. I hunt in lower Michigan, Grand Rapids area. Anyone else from near by?[/b]
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You don't really need the 3.5 inch shell. If you get them close then 3" will work. I shot alot of 2 3/4" shells last year.

That said, look at the Stoeger 2000 semi auto. You can pick up a black synthetic for a little over $300. Uses the Benelli SBE Inertia System. Also rumor has it Beretta barrel and Franchi stocks. If you go pump look at an 870. Novas are worthless in my humble opinion. Little bro has one and they rattle like hell.
First of all, get a gun that fits you and you are comfortable with. Remember if your gun shoots 3.5, it will shoot any of the shorter shells with no problem at all. If your gun only shoots 3 inch, you'd better like it cause you won't be shooting 3.5 out of it. My guess is that if you are asking, you already know the answer. Go with the 3.5 and don't look back!
3.5 It is! Now the better question, 870, Nova or now you mention a Stoeger? I know fit is the final deciding factor, but any other in put as far as longevit or durability is greatly appreciated. I think I'd like to stick with a pump for simplicity sake. Any other manufacturers I should consider?
Browning BPS. Very nice gun, but you pay for it. I think my Dad said it best about Remington. Remington are his very favorite, "cause they are cheap and reliable). THe 870 is the best pump gun out there. I wouldn't trade my 870 Wingmaster for the world. I am gonna buy a 20 gauge 870 to turn into the worlds best turkey gun.
870 Super mag. If you look around there are a few models with Advantage Wetland finishes. Just try them all, I always tell people to go with the 870 because they're virtually the same gun as there 3" guns. That and, well, its an 870! I guess I have a couple friends who wanted something different so they went and got themselves Nova's. One loved it and has it to this day. The other absolutely hated it because of the way the forearm was. There is alot of play in it, and it is alot different from most pumps, but I think its just fine. The BPS is fine too. Now if you're a smaller fella like me it can be a trick to kick out those 3.5"s because my arms don't exactly reach way out, and there forearm is cut into a bit so shells can pass through until my palm gets in the way. That and I had a fun time attempting to extract a stuck spent shell in the chamber without being able to reach the shell. Believe it or not, its frustrating when something like that happens and the shooting SHOULD be good. No matter what gun your shooting! Either way, it tends to affect a mans beliefs as to how a specific firearms operates! Don't know much about the Stoegers or Charles Dalys. I'm sure there alright though. I saw a couple of the Charles Dalys at Wal-Mart for cheaper than a camo Mossberg 835. The 835's are one of the best pattering pumps out there in my experiance. Hope I helped narrow your choices?!? Oh well try them all
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