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I'm looking for a blind to put on my 16 ft jon boat. What works best ? thanks
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Take a look at Cabela' They have good frames for boat blinds or at least give you a idea of how to make one up for your self. :wink:
yeah we bought a avery. they all have theyre quirks
I got the Cabelas northern flight frame only this year and have been very ahppy with it. I have a 1448 jon and the blind was a little too big, but minor adjustments fixed it. If you have a 16' you should be perfect. It came with mesh netting and I zip tied pieces of avery real grass, pieces of camo burlap, clumps of dyed raffia grass, and pieces of plastic chicken wire for adding natural veg on it. I did this in a random pattern all around to break up the outline. We hunt a wooded river and darker mottled look is best. I add lots of natural vegetation and limbs to it and it blends in great. I know I have some pics on a 35mm I need to get developed. When I do I'll scan some and post the pics.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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