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Calling question?

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I have been goose hunting for 2 seasons, I've come along way with everything from setting decoys, flagging, how the birds work dekes, and my calling. I have never mastered the double cluck yet, I have even bought knight and hale's double cluck plus hoping the inhale exhale would do it, needless to say i was very displeased with the call, anyway if anybody could give me tips on how to double cluck please let me know. Thanks!
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may be this will help a little
The best advise I can give is to sell that K&H and get a good quality call....Winglock....GK....Heartlands etc. A quality call goes a long way to sounding better.
i agree with plainsman. get yourself a good call and learn on it you won't be disapointed.winglock is a great call at an affordable point in learnin on a call your not gonna be happy with!
yeah, I gave the k&h to my g/f's 8 year old brother!!!! I bought an acrylic Tru-tone and i love it!
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