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Calling Progress

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I've been irritating the life out of my family members practicing my calling while watching the honker talk video. Its a Blast!! I've been trying to go through the video in a step by step progression. I've gotten profecient with the basic stuff, the murmer, the moan, and the honk. I can also sound like two geese. Just the simple two goose note as explained in the video. This is where I've run into some trouble. I just can't seem to run the high's and lows together like in the video.

I'm sure it's just operator error, maybe i'm missing something. But could anybody offer a couple pointers to help me figure it out???
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I think he say's to say ooooeeee oooooeeee for the double cluck. It's been easier for me to just go ahh-ik ahh-ik. seems easy going from high to low there. Just my thoughts.

Thats just a little too far into the video for what i'm talking about. I'm talking about the section where he's demonstrating the two goose note. High goose and low goose. I have no trouble making two seperate notes. But stringing them together like on the video is a little more difficult. does it take more hand movement or more air?
I would say use the same air pressure. With your on hand try holding the barrel like they say in the video but close off your last two fingers and control the air with your middle finger that is just past the barrel.. For me it was easyer to control one finger versus my last three fingers..
My daughter is getting really annoyed by my calling...she's threating to hide my calls when I'm at work!:D

On the other hand, my son is enjoying the 2 goose calls that he's inherited since the Winglock came to town....
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