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calling canadian geese

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I need a goose call that is easy to blow, I have looked online at different calls and they all say the same thing and i don't know which ones are good or not. So what call should i get?[/u][/i]
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Jon, I started learning short reed this spring, bought quite a few calls on ebay, take the plunge, get a good instructional video or CD, (I got Breakthrough II). I found one that was very user-friendly. It's called Mack Daddy. Central Flyway Game Calls. You can find them at Not every call made will "fit" you correctly, this one worked well for me. Where in New York are you? I hunt the Finger Lakes every year. PM me. I can help get you started.
Thanks poolarbear, i'll try the call that you recommended. My dad and I hunt on the eastern shore of lake Ontario by Sacketes Harbor. We've had a lot of geese check out our spread of decoys but have not had much success bringing them in. Thanks for your response, we will give the call a shot.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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