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Cabelas Interceptor Field Blind

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I was going to purchase one this fall and found one in thew Bargain Cave yesterday for $114 (new 169.99) minus my cabelas dollars I have earned $106...any one use these? What kind of luck have you had with them? Thanks
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I think there very similar to a gooseview terminator. My buddy has one of those and loves it. For that price I think it would be well worth it.
I have an interceptor and I like it very much and ther is so much room in ti and it is very easy to set up takes about ten minutse to do the whole thing. It is easy to carry and it hides you very well.
If its like the goose view terminator I would like it.The only thing I did not like about it was it only folded in half.I like the finisher cause it folds up smaller.
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