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cabela's brand of clothing

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I was looking for a parka for deer season and late season goose and found a parka that was cabela'a brand that I liked. I have never had cabela's brand of clothing. Just wanted to know if anybody else has had cabels's brand of clothing and if they liked it or not. Thanks
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I bought a 4-in-1 parka and bibs about 6 years ago and I think they are good quality. Good zippers, built strong and keep me warm. I try to buy as much as I can, being a club member :)
Yeah, I've got a nice coat that's 3 years old now, still good as new, only I put a rip in a seam where the hood connects. Just bought my GF a new Cabelas coat this last weekend too, she loves it.

Good quality at a very affordable price!!
I have found that all of the clothing and anything else that is Cabelas brand is great stuff. Not only are they products of great quality but their costomer service is great too. If you are every not happy at any oint and time they will almost always take it back no questions asked. I'm sure this sounds like I work for Cabelas but I don't. I am just a very pleased customer. I would say give them a try and you'll be very pleased. If you're not they gice you a full refund. Cabelas truly is a great company.
cabelas is the only brand of hunting clothing i will buy. Its also the only place that i buy my hunting gear. Awesome customer service, good prices, and great quality. Also, i live an hour from the hamburg, PA store so its also a great place to spend the day at. Hope this helps.
Good stuff, Great customer service. My waders came apart at the heels creating a leak. They were 3 years old and they gave me 1/3 off a new pair! Bought the Whitetail Extreme parka and bibs, Luv'em. Just bought the wader jacket in the Bargin cave, Wear it in the field blind too!
Nice to hear this stuff guys!! :D
Yeah they have great stuff, the only thing that I don't agree with is here in Neb. they will buy up every piece of hunting ground they can get their hands on and then want you to pay $600 or more a day to hunt it. Here's the kicker I know an old timer that hunted with my grandpa that bought stuff from Dick and Jim when they were selling flies from their house in 1961. Two years ago Cabela's goes in and buys the ground his lease is on and gets kicked off the place he had hunted for 43 yrs. I'm sorry if it sounds like I'm trying to put them down because I'm not. They have a great business with great products and stand behind them 100% I would just like to see them stay in that business and not the guide business.

Double Clucker
Just bought the whitetail extreme bibs and parka....scentlock-gore-tex-primoloft. Awesome!!!! Great customer service as well. I spend alot of time and a heck of alot of $ at their Hamburg PA store.
yet again i am completly satisfied with cabelas, bought outfitter series wool camo for 60% off reg. price. definatly worth it for those cold days in the goose/duck blinds. I spent about 300 on goose gear and wouldnt think twice about supporting their business. I went to the baltimore bass pro and was disapointed with the amount of waterfowl gear. Ill stick with cabelas. Spent 8 hrs at the hamburg store on the 27th, also damn good bison burger haha.
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