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buying new decoys

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Decoys, which ones do you guys recomend, shells, full bodys, or the siloetes? I have a dozen full bodys, and have seen the new avery stand up head type, full body's and really think they look good, but I am thinking of adding some new siloettes to the spread, we have the whole place planted in corn this year, 130 acres and this past year they came in but very late, so given the option of buying more, which is the way to go??? Thanks very much for any imput on the subject. Staninwyoming2002.
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Posted this on another forum and thought of it while reading your question. Here goes. :roll: Fullbodies just take up way to much room unless you have a trailer. They are nice and all, but I don't know why they would look any different than a shell on a motion stake. Shells are also cheaper. You can get twice the amount of shells for the money you would spend on fullbodies. Again, don't get me wrong. I think fullbodies are nice and all (I have some myself), but after putting a shell on a motion stake, the difference in price is not worth it. Silos are good decoys too. I like real-geese silos myself and I think most will say the same. The only problem I have with my real-geese is that the stakes are to big to push into the ground when it is frozen, but a hole punch will take care of that. Overall, I like shells the best since I don't have a trailer. I like the GHG oversized shells for $119.99 a dozen and they have flocked heads (saves me some time). The only thing I don't like about the GHG shells is that they are VERY heavy. I think it is like 27 pounds per dozen. :shock: Hoped this helped. :D
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I say if your going for fullbodies, get Bigfoots. For silos go with Real Geese or Outlaws. And for shells I would go with G&H (don't have any GHG's so can't speak for them, although I think my brother is goign to get a dozen). Also do you have blinds? I think that hiding is just as important as the decoys you have. It don't matter if you have Dave Smith's or Dropzones and aren't hid very well.

You're gonna get several different opinions on what dekes to buy. I can tell you what I would do if I had to do it all over again. I have used all types of decoy. Personally, I would buy a decent fullbody. If you lived in Canada, I would say go buy as many shells as you can afford, but living in Wyoming, I'm sure the birds you hunt have been hunted a few times before they get to your neck of the woods.

Yes, the full bodies will cost more than shells and silos, but the results far outway the cost. If you afford a dozen or so full bodies a year, in several years you will have yourself a nice little spread. GHG makes a awesome looking decoy, especially for the price, when compared to the other 'custom' decoys out there, but again it's own personal preference.

The one down side of fullbodies is what Goosehunter2118 mentioned about room. You will need something to haul them in if build yourself a large spread. But I can't begin to tell you the number of birds I have killed using 17 fullbodies. That's just my 2 cents. Good luck.

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To me there is nothing compared to hunting over a large fullbody spread. Im in a pit with three others and we have lots of decoys. This past season we had out 16 doz Higdon fullbodies. 2 doz greenhead shells 1/2 doz mag shells, 2 doz specks, and 8 doz snow/blue shells. We got another guy in this year with 4 more doz fullbodies, so we will have out 20 doz fullbodies.
We start putting them out the night before our first hunt, then start bringing them out untill they are all out.
They stay out all year till our last hunt. They get moved around daily, sometimes twice daily depending on wind and weather.
We store them in our attics. They do take up alot of room, but I got room for them. I can move about 60 at a time put together.
Over this summer Im adding another litte touch. Im trying to flock all the heads. I got 4 doz done. many more to go.
That depends on hunting preasure. If there is alot of hunting preasure go with FB GHG or Foots Add some Silos if your on a budget.

Little preasure go with shells add silos if you want.

A flag is a must either way.
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