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buying deeks

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I was thinking about getting some more deeks, and was wondering if anyone has had any luck with ebay? i was worried about the shape they would be in, thanks for your help.
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I have bought from ebay and have had good luck so far. Just watch what their feedback has been and you'll get some idea. Also just me but once the bid comes with in $20 or so of what they cost at a store I'll go with Cabelas as then I am sure of what I'm getting and if there is a problem I know they'll take them back. Good luck finding some.
Ebay will work, but remember about shipping and decoys are very big and heavy, they cost a lot to ship.
Ebay has some good deals and bad ones. A friend just bought several GHGs for $60. Keep looking and you'll find the deals you want. Remember the risk Vs. benefit.
You get what you pay for on EBAY... Don't waste your time. Invest in the known good and you will be far happier than the suprise you get when you open the box of el-switch-er-rooz that you bought online from some shmuch that had a nice picture of all the new deeks he bought before selling the junk ones online.
for what it's worth, that's my view on the subject.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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