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buying a new call

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I just found this site, and I was hoping somebody on here might be able to lend a bit of advice.

I am relativly new to goose hunting, (this is my second season) and I am looking to buy a new call. Could somebody recommend a good sounding call that won't require a whole lot of money?

I currently have a "Faulks Honker" and I'm not quite happy with the sound, i've tried tuning it but it still dosen't really sound like a goose to me.

Any comments would be appreciated.

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have you tried any of the short reeds yet?
Short reeds are harder to master. MY little brother uses a flute he bought for $10 bucks and sounds dang good on it. He practiced alot. I would start with a flute since they are usually easier blowing. Once you have that mastered work with the short reed. That way you have 2 weapons to get the geese coming to you.
If you go straight to the shortreed you'll master it faster and won't be making flute "mistakes" with it. The transition from flute to sr can be tough, I've got a Winglock delrin [my first "real" shortreed] and found it very easy to learn with. Shortreeds are more versitile
it all depends on the person i started with a flute and now have a zink, foiles and primos short reeds and make my own on top of that so i don't think it matters how they start its just how well they can learn or are able to call.
Get the Shawn Stahls Honker Talk video and a short reed. You will end up there anyway, might as well get it right away!!
I've been browsing through my hunting catalog from SIR mail order, and wholesale sports, and the calls that you guys are talking about aren't listed. I'm not looking to spend a lot of money right now I just want something that sounds a bit better than the calls I have. (Faulks Honker, and a Knight & Hale magnum Clucker)

From the following calls which ones give the most realistic sound:

Buck Gardner's Canada Hammer II Goose Call

Big River Long Honker Flute call

Big River Flock talk Goose call

Big River Final Flight flute

Quaker Boy Long Neck Goose Flute

Quaker Boy Shorty Neck Goose flute

Thanks again,
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i would go with the big river flock talk or the buck gardner but i like the flock talk cuz its cheap sounds great and is easy to blow. even though i don't have one i would like to buy one.
I have blown both the Long Honker and the Final Flight. IMO the Final Flight sounds a little better although they are both pretty good. both are super easy to blow.
go with the foiles SMH
i would go with the Buck Gardner's Canada Hammer II Goose Call, for the price it sounds good. i myself have a foiles smh . but my friend like the buck gardner calls, so thats what he bought. i thought about buying one for a second call, but im going to go with the zink power clucker. but if i had a third choice it would be the canada hammer. why dont you have someone shave the reed on the magnum clucker you have for now. thats the same call i bought the first time i wanted a short reed call to see if i would like the sr calls. it work ok. but it wont sound as good as an acrylic call though

Contact Rick at
he'll set you up with a good call, I use his delrin call and it's great....easy to learn on and affordable. It's tough getting a true quality call out of SIR, I had to order from the lower 48 for all my calls...the extra little hassle is well worth it
I just bought a canada hammer II and it sounds pretty goosy after a few hours of practice. We have to treat these calls as musical instruments.
Even a $1500 guitar sounds horrible if you don't practice and know how to play it.
Mike... everyone has mentioned good calls. If you are looking for an inexpensive shortreed, I would go with the Buck Gardner Canada Hammer II. It's a goosey call that can do alot for a little... about $20.

Winglocks are also great calls... I'd check them out before making a decision as you can get into the walnut calls pretty cheap too, I think for about $35.

I would also suggest a good video/cd to go with it such as Shawn Stahls Honker Talk (video) or Dave Smiths Breakthrough II (cd).
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