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Browning Goose calls

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Anybody here ever try the Browning Hammer Down Goose calls? are they any good? do they give a realistic goose sound?

Also, does anybody have a winglock delrin short reed goose call? Check out:
its the middle one in the top row.

As well how detailed is the Honker Talk Short Reed video?

Any comments would be great.

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honker talk video i have a must to learn how to blow with a s-r detailed very much if i don'T have that video i probaby be lost i won' t even try to learn to blow a s-r it's like having a teacher there even a section competion calling and how to chosse a s-r call you won'T regert and as for winglock there good calls for the price and customer service is no 1 they go extra mile for a customer
Honker talk is a great video

Very in depth teaching
worth every cent
I just oredered the Delrin but don't have it yet
We'll see
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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