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Braid your own Lanyard ???

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Does anyone know how to braid a call lanyard? I would like to make my own this summer and was wondering if anyone has done it. Would appreciate any help with this.

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I make my own lanyards from the heavy duty nylon hiking boot laces that Cabela's sells...I use a hangman's knot on each end (and burn the end so its permanent)...They come out pretty good.
I've made my own. Just braid it like you braid, hair if you know and them off. I use slip knots to make the loops for calls. Let me know how you make out.
The above link is the exact same method I use when making mine. You can actually add as many strands as you want. Just keep the idea in your head on how to do it.

C Dubb
I made my own last year but now I have to make another since I have more calls to put on it.

The problem I have is finding the string to braid. I can't find the size I would like with an assorment of colors. Thinking about using leather bootlaces and try one of the bigger braids from the site above.

Good Luck with yours and let us know how it turns out, I'll do the same.
I will try to find the place that has parachut cord in just about any color you want.

I havent purchased from them yet so I dont know if they have a min order but I will still look for ya.

C Dubb
So does anyone out there have any pictures of their home made creations ??

Here is one,

and another

Sorry the pics are so big.

C Dubb
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Now I am doing them so that they are flat around the neck.

More comfortable.

C Dubb
gilmore 1011 just in case you haven't found your source for lanyard material yet. I am getting my cordage from a local mountaineering sports business. Climbers use various diameters of very strong cords that come in a variety of colors and diameters. The stuff I just bought today cost .15 cents per ft. When the lanyard is ready to bring both ends together for the bottom drop. Have the neoprene discussed below, turned inside out and sewn with a good quality nylon heavy thread. Turn the neoprene sleeve right side out and thread the lanyard through the neoprene sleeve. The sleeve then becomes a cushion for your neck. Possibly floating a dropped lanyard when it hits the drink. Use some old wader neoprene from an old pair of waders no longer being used. (Never throw them away when they are too leaky to repair.) All kinds of uses come up for that stuff.) :wink: Cut a strip approx. 2 1/2 inches wide by approx. 14 inches long and have it sewn as descriped above. Lots of lanyards for sale out there but none as valued as the one you made yourself. Good luck! C. Dubb's pics should put you right on track :beer:
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