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boat question?

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i have a 11 foot jon boat and im lookin for a new motor for it. I'm interested in the new minn kota waterfowl series electric motor for the price, no gas, low maintence, and quiteness. My question though is will it have enough power to push the boat at a resonable speed? if its around 4-6 knots thats fine, anyone use this motor or anthing like it? any help would be great,thanx
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When I boat hunt I use a Minnkota on my jon boat and it works great! Mine is not the waterfowl model but I did outfit it with the weed guard. It's a 36lb thrust and has plenty of guts to get me out and back with no issues. The only drawback is loading and unloading the marine battery. It would be nice if they could make a 2lb marine battery but I'll keep using what I've got until then.
thanx, the waterfowl motor is 46lbs of thrust, so hopefully itll work, the two year warrenty is nice too. The batteries are really heavy haha, like 40-60 lbs for a deep cycle, have a friend with a gheenoe and the battery weighs almost as much as the boat. Thanx for the info.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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