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1 dz Real Geese Econo series feather-lite Blue geese silhouette decoys for sale in excellent condition. Retail is $55 on their website, but I'll sell them for $35 plus shipping.
If you want to see what they look like:

26 Blue geese GooseGloves for sale in excellent condition. There are 9 standard sizes for the upright decoys(they fit my Bigfoots upright heads) and 17 larger sized for the feeders(they fit my Big Foot feeders). These slip over existing Canada goose decoys so you can do double duty with your decoys without all the extra bulkiness of additional decoys. They also fit Higdon, Herters, Carrylite and Flambeau full bodies and G&H, Flambaeu and Carrylite standard shells. There is a chart on the website if you want to double check what they fit and what they look like.
Retail would be $65 a dz on their website, but I'll sell all 26 for $75 + shipping
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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