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Blowing a short reed.

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I have been goose hunting for about 10 years now and I am just starting to think about switching over to a short read call because I have heard so many good things about them. I have only blown a flute when I have hunted before. I have used shorter and longer and I can make them sound decent. I just purchased an HS Slammer. I have tried blowing it and watched a couple of videos but like said before. I pretty much just sound like a party horn. Is there a good video out there that will help explain to me about back pressure and give me some tips on blowing this. I have the time to practice so that's not an issue. I would like to get good with this call becuase I have heard great things from guys who use short reed calls. Thanks.
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1st get rid of the slammer.
2nd- get a decent short reed

3rd- get the shawn stahl honker talk video

4th- practice every day
get a zink they are the best no question about it
honkerkiller said:
get a zink they are the best no question about it
Next to Winglock and GK....and then there's the Heartland calls, which are also very good :lol:
Do the high priced short reeds really make that much of a difference? I mean, what is so much better about them? Just curious. Also, if they are so much better which ones would you guys recomend within a resonable price range. I just can't see spending like $125.00 for a goose call. Thanks for your help.
I have a Glynn Scobey short reed that i bought for 35$ at cabela's. I have never heard anybody say anything good or bad about them, but i think they are very good. I learned to use the Glynn Scobey in one day without the help of a video or anything else. I practice on it alot and it sounds real good to me.
the sean mann eastern shorty is a geat sounding call that has killed many of birds for me. you can buy it in the abs plastic for around $50. It takes time to transition fom a flute to a short reed but it can be done and this call sounds great.
Buck Gardner's Canada Hammer 2 is a molded call for less than $20. It sounds just as good and better than some expensive calls.
No need to spend $125 on a call, I use a Winglock delrin and it's a hell of a call!!! For $60 or 70 you can't go wrong. Another great call is the GK Slayer, around $70 and includes Honker talk...a great deal!!! The Heartland calls are even less expensive and sound fantastic
I checked them out and some of them look like they would be in my price range. Do you have any of these Hearland calls that you would recomend? Just curious to see what you like and if you have used them much. Thanks for you help.
Check out , they have very reasonably priced calls. That's what i blow, they sound great and have great customer service. Stay away from calls you can buy at walmart. Acrylic is the way to go, and tru tone has one for under hundred dollars.
Also IF your willing to spend a lil more money go with the Tim Grounds Pro Super Mag for $160. IT's not about the guy that makes the call is how u "talk the talk" It's a great call if you want a deep mellow sound along with a high pitch crack. you'll love it. I know i do
I use a Winglock delrin as my main call, it is a FANTASTIC call, sounds as good as or better than any of the big $$$$ calls I've heard. I've just got the Heartlands pip squeek a little while ago and this little call is super loud and high, a great attention getter. Listen to the soundfiles on Heartlands webpage and go from there, all their calls sound great.
As you can see there is about a 100 different opinions with a 100 different hunters. And everyone thinks thier call is the only way to go... I hunt with a few guys that call and the good callers can make a bad call sound good. I bought a Bob Hayes call for $60 I just couldn't see spending $150 on a call,and I love it. Sounds great but when I first got it I struggled with it. Untill I let the 15 year old kid that I hunt with blow it (who happens to be a great caller) and I learned to call it by listening to him use it. Now I'm great with it. Money does not make a good call. Practice make a great call..
I've blown Grounds, Foiles, BGBs, Zinks... all are good calls. I have not tried the Winglocks, Heartlands, or GKs yet, but have heard good things of all of them... especially the Winglocks (price and sound). My next call will most likely be a Delrin Winglock Whisperer. I liked the BGB Fat Boy alot too, super easy blowing but a little pricey for my blood. I liked it better than the Foiles Straight Meat even though they contain the same guts. One call worth taking a look at (based on price) is the poly Zink PC-1... about $30.00. Very easy blowing call and sounds pretty good. This gets me to why I wanted to reply to this thread... an earlier post from duckman mentioned the molded Canada Hammer II. This really is a great call for anyone... it's inexpensive ($20.00), blows very easy, shaved reed, and sounds great. Another nice thing for those who are uncomfortable taking apart calls because of tuning... you can take this one apart, clean it out, and put it back together without fear of not getting it back together correctly and screwing up the sound, you simply can't screw it up. This is a call I would recommend to anyone regardless of experience... you just can't go wrong with this call. Pdavenport hit the nail on the head... money does not make the call, experience does!
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IMO I would stay away from the molded PC-1, it doesn't sound good at all...
I use the Big River flute and have had nothing but good luck with it. It is cheap, loud and sounds good.
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