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blind material

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i just wanted to know what you guys use to build your field box blinds?
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are you talking about blinds to leave in the fields or transportable hunting blinds??
well both actually.
goose, well from your question it is kind of hard to say, I have an avery laydown blind, we hunt in corn, and the colors were very dark, so I painted the outside of the blind to match the corn stubble, as for a permanent blind, I have used 1/4 plywood, with a pvc frame, put burlap gunny sacks around it and still have room for me and my dog. works great, but you need to leave a hole in the bottom for the dog to get out, or else he will be jumping right over the top of you, when the shooting starts. good luck and I hope this helps. stan
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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