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Birds Migrating through North Dakota

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Lots and lots of geese pushing through North Dakota the past 2 days. It's in the teens at night and smaller to medium sized water is freezing fast.
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It's happening right now for snows in ND.
Hello...I see that you are saying there are geese in fiance is out hunting in SD right now. He was in Steele, ND a couple of days ago and limited out...but since then has not been able to get the geese to come in. He is actually looking for snows. I spoke with the ND DNR...they said that there are no snows in ND yet....however I see that you have posted that you've seen snows... can you tell me where you are hunting. He has traveled to Devil's Lake now...and there are no geese, Canada or snows he says. I try and look on-line for him each day to let him know where to go...but I haven't been very successful. Any help would be great. Thanks.
Just an FYI, those posts about all the geese moving through are about a year old. :D
Don't I feel like a moron !!

O Well, Keep 'em coming.....

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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