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Bigfoots and Bigfoot Floaters For Sale/Trade

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I have 10 dozen Bigfoots, 6 doz are uprights, 4 doz are feeders. All are the new '04 models with better feather detail, new in October '04. Put Avery flocked replacement heads on all of them in early December. Paid $300/doz for the decoys and $50/doz for the heads. Will take $300/doz, they are all in excellent condition.
Also have 6 dozen Bigfoot goose floaters in excellent condition, $220/doz. Located in northern MO.
Might consider trades for new Avery fullbodies, Hardcores, etc. Thanks.
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Update ..... 5 doz uprights and 5 doz floaters.

Just updating your numbers Tony...

THanks Scott.
New update....5 doz uprights, 4 doz floaters...
I would like 3 floaters if you have any give me a price and shipping info please i live in greeley CO i would like upright/semi-upright
Will not sell in groups less than a dozen. Thanks.
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