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Big Foots vs. GHG Fullbodies

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I want to know what people think about the new GHG decoys w/ flocked heads compared to the Big Foots. Which would you rather have in your spread and why? I am still trying to decide between the two and wanted to know how people's experiences with them have been. Thanks
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hmmmm.... Sorry to say but this topic has caused many Fourm Wars. :(

But i'll still give my .02 cents worth.

In MY opinion GHG makes a better decoy. Foots are an awsome decoy also, and both will kill geese. However, GHG comes with flocked heads ( no extra charge mind you), GHG has more realism, and a better price.
Now for durablility. I would rate GHG and Foots at about the same durability.

I have never worked with Bigfoot company before, so therefore I don't know what there coustumer service is like. But I have delt with GHG, and let me tell you this. There's beats all. If your decoys have any problem at all, paint, cracking, ect. If you can prove, as in pictures, to GHG that your decoys is in that state of desstress. They will refund the product or money back.

GHG had had alot of mistakes in the past. So some people had a bad experience buying one of their other decoys 3 years ago. And yes their company used be horribal. But they've made up for it all in the last 2 years.

GHG, Bigfoot, Carylight, Flamb., ect. They'll all kill geese.
It's kinda like Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Nissian, Toyota, ect. They all get you down the road. But belive it or not we drive different brands of trucks/cars. So you buy what ever brand you like best... And like I said before ...... Just my .02....

And .02 isn't alot... :lol:

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i am tryig to decide myself which decoys to go with. I have heard probally 10 times that GHG decoys and products from Avery Outdoors are the best because they will replace them if they mess up. I plan on buying 3 dz ducks and 8 h2o goose decoys and 1 dz field decoys this year. As of right now i really think i am gonna go with the GHG decoys. (anyone looking for old decoys e-mail me [email protected])
vah20fowler said:
I have heard probally 10 times that GHG decoys and products from Avery Outdoors are the best because they will replace them if they mess up.
The only problem is, when will you receive if they go wrong? Everyone and their mother is on a waiting list for them already, if something goes wrong and you need them replaced it could be 2005 before you get them.

I've been on a waiting list since early May. I've been told June, than July and now August so who knows?
I believe in big foot decoys they have been around for quite some time now and there is a reason that all guides around my area use them, its cuz they work (but most full bodies do) some of the reason i like them is never had a cracking, chipping, breaking etc etc with them we've been in straightline wind days where the snow is coming down just as hard as the wind and have never once got out of our field blinds to set them up the FEET do work that for sure when it comes to realise to me they are equal.. i agree those its like trucks, doesnt matter they all work. i like BF cuz all i have to do IS SET IT AND FORGET IT.. i dont have to deal with stakes or any form of tie down... and think about it if u want BF get BF they are only 20 bucks more......
I use Big Foot decoys but notice other brands on the market these days that look just as good. Either one you pick will work fine. Full bodies are the way to go no matter what brand. I've never had my Big Foots blow over and I do wonder about the others. I will stick with Big Foots because they have not let me down. Try the full body Enticer duck decoys also. They work great when you have Ice and open water. Place a half dozen on the ice at the edge of the open water and put in a dozen floaters in the open water and get ready for some action. I found this combo to be deadly. Good luck all.
I use both decoys. I have had BF's for years and they are great. But, I am buying GHG's for $229 a doz. Thats about $100 a doz. cheaper than BF's. Plus they are flocked. GHG's are much more realistic than BF's. I will say they both kill geese and they both are great dec's. I can not comment on the reliability of the GHG's because I have not had them long enough to give an opionion. But to me it comes down to the price. Good luck.
i wasn't that impressed with the paint. i mean in the pics on there site and at macks or cabelas they look great but they had them on display and it looked like the paint was wearing off and was very easy to chip off. the flocked heads are very nice they add great realism to the decoy. the bases seem to be a little bit unstable compared to bigfoots or hc's but they offer a stuble strap or some bs that well help keep them up. but it ur looking for some quailty go with the big foots you can't go wrong with them.
I just picked up some of the GHG fullbodies and shells last night.

All I can say is Wow !!! They are much more realistic than the bigfoots

Cant wait to try them out next week.

Hey all im goosehuntinmans son, Justin.

Alls i can say is the GHG dekes are amazing. If you go to the greenheadgear site and look at some of the simulated spreads they have for the fullbodies, you cant tell they are decoys. My friend was here and was telling me about which ones were real and which were not. His jaw dropeed when i said that each and every one was a decoy. 10 days baby!
ITs gonna be great!
GHG or hardcore I have two dozen hardcore will get the new ghg for sure
Saw the GHG fullbodies and I was not impressed at all. I bought 8 Bigfoots instead. Won't do business with Cabelas for a while either.

just curious, what werent you impressed with? i dont mean to argue, but ive seen herter FBS, bigfoots, and GHGs and the GHGs by far look the most like a real goose 50 feet away. thats my oppinion, and your entitled to yours , im just curious like i said
Well the verdict is still out on GHG IMHO. The paint adhesion is supposed to be better than the 03s, but I am still skeptical. When they get it to stick like G&H decoy paint does , then that'll be another story.

FYI, the paint in Foots are molded in the plastic--thus will NOT chip off. Also the Foots are bigger in size than GHG largest FB. As mentioned GHG foot base was a real pain in the 03s and it is better for the 04s, still until a 25mph wind, I'll see.

Also the price on Foots is coming down. $270 per dz is standard now and can be had for $220 if you know where to look.

If Foots had a bit better detailing (barring on the back) they would be hard to beat for long term durability.
I didn't like the footbase for starters. Also, I really don't like the way the paint looked on them. Those things look like they are gonna need to be baby'd, and we just can't hunt with things that we have to be careful with. When you hunt 4-5 times a week, you can't afford to take a chance on anything else. I had two friends with me when I was there and they both cancelled their orders. The shells look awesome though, and we may get some of those. When we get our flocked heads for those bigfoots they'll be better IMO than those GHG.

Also, Cabelas screwed us over by not having what they assured us they had plenty of and by telling us they had stuff on display that they hadn't even got off the truck, and wouldn't get off for us even though they said they would the night before. We drove 120 miles and I was madder than a wet hornet.
I've been hunting with bigfoots for a couple years now. I was thinking about getting some GHG full bodies untell i saw them up close. They do look realistic, but, the paint shines, they're made of hard plastic and they have a weird base that looks like it could be a hassle. Bigfoots are bigger, made of soft plastic, and are just an all around great decoy. The better full body might be the hard core full body if you have the $ to spend on them. Just my opinion though.
I'll stick with bf's because i know theyll last and besides they dont have to be the prettiest things out there to bring'em in
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