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Big Flock Decoys

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Just curious if anyone has hunted over Big Flock Silo Decoys? I have the opportunity to buy 7 doz at half price(4D Mags, 3D stnds) brand new. Just curious what anyone thinks about these? I saw someone asked about buying a doz for a price in a previous post, but I was curious as to if anyone likes or dislikes them? Any feedback would be great! Thanks, Oz
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I saw them in Cabela's and the looked good for the price. Nothing like Real Geese, but they were still good. I have never hunted over them.
We have a doz. Big Flocks in our spread. Nice to mix in for a little different look, but the white is more gray in color and we didn't get the magnums, so they look a little small. The stakes work, but don't tend to hold them really well in a stiff wind. Still prefer Real Geese, they look and work great.
I have quite a fef of them and I agree with bgoldhunter. :(
So,how hard would it be to replace the stakes with ,say,stainless steel or something similar ?
I personaly dont like them that much, should have bought real geease. I think If u tr to rivit on a maeatal stake it will splitt the plastic . U might be able to replace the fiberglass stake with oak if u can find a thin piece. but if u ask me real geese is the way to go.
If u can get them at half price though i think that is a good deal. If it were me i would pesonaly buy them. [$50 a doz.]
I tried them all and like the BFlock Magnums. The price is better, same ABS thickness as the others, and I've found them to be just as effective, easier to keep clean, no fading because they're "silk screen" printed directly on the ABS and not on fabric, and the round fiberglass stakes allow them to "move" with little wind easier. No problems or complaints so far.

try getting the fiberglass stake into frozen ground though. the decoy itsself is good it the stakes that bother me.
I use a 12" SS rod or re-bar and carry a small mallet when the ground is that frozen. You'll need to make a hole for any staked Silo.

Thanks for all the feedback everyone. I ended up buying 7 doz. 4 doz mags and 3 doz standards. I ended up paying under 300 for the entire 7 doz. I did have my suspicions about the stakes but if that ground is froze you are gonna have to pre-pop holes as Hatterwayne said. I figured it was a real good deal to be able to double my spread. Thanks for all the input, I'll let you all know how they do this fall. Thanks again, Oz
I use a cordless drill to make holes for my stakes, not a hammer. It is much eaiser.
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