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BF's for less than $275 doz?

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I've heard people say that after the season you can find places that put BF's on sale for less than 275 per dozen. Im interested in buying 3 or 4 dozen so the best price will definatly help me out. If you know of any places like this let me know. Thanks.
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you can find bigfoots late season at just about anywhere for about $70/4
Think I am going to keep my eyes out... that is not a bad deal at all. If I don't find a deal soon like that I think I'll post up for some help. Thanks
90's the cheapest i've would be great if they were 70, haha, we'd all have huge spreads
Not to long ago Gander moutain had BFs for 30% off so that was close to $70/4

I don't have one around here anywhere. All of the places in town don't even carry bigfeet :(
I've seen them at that price at three different major retailers, once one goes that low, the others match prices, u can figure out who I'm talking about, I'm not going to do their advertising for them.....
I also have seen them for $70 for 4 many times, I bout a dozen this year at Gander mountain for $210 plus tax. Also I have seen them at Cabelas on sale for $80 for 4. I may even know of a local Gander mountain that has some in stock for the $70 if anyone is interested.
The cost for a box of BF is right around 76 dollars, so you know you are getting them at a good deal then...
BF's $70 a box of 4, Avery's $110 for 6, I went avery's again, less flocking to do!!! :lol:
I talked to a friend that works for Gander mountain, he says that their cost for a box of bgfoots is no where near $70. Maybe because they buy several thousand boxes a year. Claims at $70 they are still making money on them.
are they currently on sale at any of the Gander mountains?
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