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Best Non full body decoy

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Curious on the latest fab in dekes....
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For my money it would have to be Northwinds.
Is there anything else besides fullbodies and northwinds??!!! 8)
GHG oversized shell decoys, they look awsome, I have a doz myself.
Nobody Hunts under Tx Rags, with the right setup and the sticks at the right angle you can kill them all day. I have had three thirty bird days this week under rags. Its all about decoy placement.....If anyone is intrested in a spring goose hunt give me a call at 832-221-0209.
opps sorry I was thinking we were talking about canada geese :oops: I like to use windsock decoys, they look the best.
FAB ???? do you mean FAD?

The latest fad if you will is making your own wind socks and using metal stakes.

Besides a FB, I'd say custom painted windsocks. NWs suck IMO, as they are cheaply made and have been zero improvements for many years.
i would have to say it is siloettes I have a doz of real geese canadas and they look great are as big as full bodies and they don't take up any room at all for storage
If I had ANY decoy to choose other then a fullbody it would be the Hidgon stackables they look unreal and have motion, and thats the two biggest factors to shooting ALOT of snows.
Here's a tip on what NOT to buy. Don't waste any money on the Last-Look Snow decoys. We got one season out of them. They are impossible to keep clean. A pain in the a__ to store. They move funny in the wind. The stakes are to short.. We now just lay them on the ground.

1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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