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best gun for a low price

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i was just wondering what the best goose gun is in 12 Ga. for a cheap price, say around $300-$500. please help i need to know so i can start looking and put some money on the one i want.
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You can get some really nice guns in that price range. I would suggest a 870 you can get it in 3 and 3 1/2 in. chambers. Im not sure what they are exactly running but they are a great gun for the money. The mossburg 835 is also a good gun that I think falls into the price range. Happy shopping

Can't beat the gun. Great performer. Rugged. Takes all you can dish out and then comes back like a good lab wanting to go again.
What do you want in a gun? Semi or pump? 3" or 3.5" Narrow it down a bit
IMO if you are looking for a pump a 870 Express 3 or 3 1/2 gun is hard to beat.

you can get a benelli nova for 325 off of great gun for the money
gooseblaster said:
i was just wondering what the best goose gun is in 12 Ga. for a cheap price, say around $300-$500. please help i need to know so i can start looking and put some money on the one i want.
You can get a Rem 870 Express Super Magnum 3 1/2 12ga 26 syn stock
329 at Dicks. My choice

Benelli Nova Max 4 Camo 3 1/2 12ga 28in 389.00 Some love it some hate.

Pardner Pump APG Camo 12ga 28in 3 229.00 decent gun underrated

Lets not forget a mossberg any 12ga 230 - 500

You can find alot of used Rems in the 870 express or wingmaster for a
decent price.
Been hearing lots of good things about the new Remington SPR453. Which is a 3.5 inch semiauto that sells for $370 bucks at Walmart. They were derived from a russian gun I believe called Baikal. These things are often called the russian tank because of how good they are. Thinking about upgrading from my 870 super mag.

This gun, according to remington, is designed for Waterfowler's and to be a good bargain.

You also can't beat the 870. You can use the thing as a boat anchor, pull it out of the water and shoot it. Cleaning? Forget it! Maybe once a season with mine.
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Throughly enjoy my Benelli Nova pump. great gun, reliable, easy to clean and takes a beating, probably like any other pump though. Just don't get a Stoeger 2000. Looks great, but not reliable. Also does not take 3.5 in shells.
i also agree with the 870 express. i would buy the express super magnum. i bought mine for $319 at sportsmans warehouse in alaska last year
If it were me, I would head to a gun show and find an old (70s) 870 Wingmaster. That is one awesome gun. 2nd choice would be an 870, then a Nova.
Remington 870 Express Super Mag. It will handle everything form 2.75 to 3.5 inch shells and last you a life time. There are something like nine million already sold.
My second choice would be the Benelli Nova.
Both are very high quality guns.

Good Luck.

Merry Christmas.

have a gun safe full of semi autos , but brought a 870 express supermag synthetic about 3 years ago , only gun ive taken hunting in the last couple of years , love this shotgun , breaks down for cleaning real easy nice feel never had any problems , saw a mossy oak breakup supermag at dicks last week for 499 , can find the synthetic for 350 to 399 , started out with a pump at 12 now that im 40 been really into pump shotguns last couple of years
I am a Remington 870 man, just always had good luck with them.
You can get the 870 Super Mag in black synthetic for around $320 at Wal-Mart and Remington has a $30. mail in rebate program going.

Now I have a question for anybody willing to listen.

Two weeks ago I stopped by the local W-Mart for dog food. As usual I went through the sporting goods section to see if anything interesting was on sale.
I noticed a Rem. 870 in Real Tree camo pattern, so I had the salesman get it out for me.
It turned out to be a 870 Express Super Mag, 26" bbl, Real Tree Camo, all for $324.99.
I went home and checked the Rem. web-site and they don't even catalog this gun.
There is the "Special Purpose" model in a camo pattern, but that model retails for somewhere in the neighborhood of $425.-$500.
The normal "Super-Mag Express" is cataloged in wood or black synthetic only.
I then called a friend of mine who has an FFL and he couldn't find an Express SM like this in any of the wholesale outlet he purchases from.
So to make a long story short I went back and bought the gun.
Has anyone out there ever seen or know of this model?
I am wondering if it was a special run of this model for W-Mart.
It isn't the run of the mill Express SM.

Any input would be interesting.


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has to be the same gun I saw at dicks last week ,must be a new model, thought it was a mossy oak pattern but was probably realtree, will have to go to wally world to see if I can pick one up for that price
Stoeger 2000 is cheap it sells for around 440-500 and its a semi auto chambered in 3''. Its a real good gun and it has the same inertia system as Benelli. I have had it for 2 years now and love it. You can also get gun and a deer barrel for 580.

The also sell a pump called the p350 it sells for around 350. I havent heard much about this gun but i expect it to be another dimond in the rough.
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